Live without obstruction…become whole again!


Live without obstruction…become whole again!

Holographic Memory Resolution

  • Are you dragged down by stumbling over the same hopeless emotional responses & behavioral reactions?
  • Are you in despair because you can’t stay shifted or stay on track?
  • Are you lost…can’t find your way?
  • Is fear eating away at you?

What would you do if unburdened…if freed?

I can help you open the door to healing…the resolution and release of what’s keeping you stuck. I understand and give you all the permission & support to move through the walls of obstruction, limitation and restriction.

Holographic Memory Resolution provides a gentle approach that reframes the emotional content of memory through a unique integration of somatic, energy and color psychologies.  This disarms ‘triggers’ that foster physical, mental and emotional issues without distorting or reliving memories.  An excellent technique that provides Resolution and Release.
“The Transformative Power of HMR…on some unconscious level, we are in touch with a wisdom that knows exactly what we need to heal.” – Brent Baum
I am a well-experienced certified Holographic Memory Resolution Practitioner trained by the creator of this technique, Brent Baum with Healing Dimensions. And with further training in Clean Language I have refined my skills with HMR. Clean Language is clean because it uses your words, not mine and not my interpretation of your words. And with the use of your metaphors that are symbols representing your world view, your deepest and sometimes hidden thought processes and feelings are brought forth from the unconscious to the conscious.

With old density freed, your vibration and energy heightens, lightens and flows.

Powerful encoded moments of trauma are resolved, allowing you to be YOU. Connect with your Inner Expert Healer and discover more peace and balance! Let’s create a conscious pact to liberate you from what no longer serves you with my supportive and compassionate guidance.

My agreement with you:  You will always be seen, heard and valued!


~ Thank you for considering services through Patricia! ~

Currently Patricia is meeting with clients she has worked with before, and those seeking Clinical Supervision for their certification in Holographic Memory Resolution®.


During Follow-Up Sessions, we will focus on what we discussed in the Initial Session and continue to fine-tune our process.

Fee: $95.00

Purchase quantity 3 or more Follow-Up Sessions and receive $5 off per session!
Disclaimer: Although these services provide valuable benefit and assistance to one’s well-being, personal care and progress, they are not a substitute for psychological services, or medical treatment and care. Please consult with your therapist and/or physician before proceeding with these services. Patricia encourages, honors and supports the coordination of services for a client that is under the supervision of a therapist and/or physician.

Clients are welcome to pay for services with cash, check or PayPal.

All services are to be paid before or at the time of your appointment.