Patti is in my honest opinion the best addition to Westwood that I ever could have imagined.  I have struggled with an addiction for seventeen years.  I saw numerous therapists, tried medication, and even saw a hypnotist, once, before Patti… but nothing helped.  I heard that we had a hypnotist at our annual staff meeting.  I hesitated for a while, thinking… ‘that can’t work… can it?’  After another visit to rock bottom, I decided to make the phone call and bought a session.  And it is the best thing I ever did for myself.

Patti is very talented.  It is clear that she puts a lot of effort into her practice…. and even more effort into her clients.  I say this because the thing that impressed me most with Patti is the attention that she pays to detail about things I say.  She studied me before I even got there, actually.  I wrote on my background form, to give her as much information as I could, so she could help me as best as she could, that my addiction was pleasurable for me – like fireworks in my brain.  So during our initial conversation, when she brought that sentence up to me… asking me more questions to fully understand, I was impressed to say the least.  Each week, before session, we would spend time talking about successes and pitfalls.  And the following week, she remembers what was said.  She listens, and she remembers.  She really cares.  It is clear she puts tremendous effort into REALLY helping her client.

Knowledgeable about both mind and body (she offers suggestions, tips, and tricks to try on a practical level as far as what to try during times of temptation)… but what is different than most therapists  is her ability to reach the subconscious level.  She somehow finds a pathway into the inside of our minds.  Her soothing, nurturing voice – I believe – really did convince me that I was able to succeed against this pleasurable habit that caused me so much pain, sadness, suffering, and depression – for so many years of my life.  I was finally able to conquer that part of myself, and I believe it is because I started hearing the voice inside telling me why NOT to do it… louder than the voice that used to always win – the one telling me why it is okay one last time.   It was really such an incredible transition – – the awakening of my inner voice/authentic self.  It had been pushed down by habit and addiction so much that I was really very out of touch with it.  I am so happy to have access to it – – it tells me the right thing to do.  This was how Patti’s service worked for me.

So for a fitness center to have someone on staff who is able to help from the inside, along with all that is offered to help the outside (machines, trainers, fitness classes, a gym, a pool, a spa), I believe she really is the key to finding and unlocking real success.  I would not only recommend, but insist, that anyone wrestling with addiction – or anything they know they’d like to change – go see her.  Success is worth it.  Freedom is worth it.


ProHealth West Wood Health & Fitness Center

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this testimonial. I am truly lucky to have a friend recommend Patti to me. I was experiencing panic when driving. It was getting to the point that I did not want to drive anywhere. Patti was able to identify the negative behavior and thought process that was causing this anxiety and reaffirm positive behavior/thought. She gave me effective tools to handle the anxiety. Patti makes you feel safe, secure, and most of all understood. I would highly recommend her services. Patti loves what she does and truly cares about people.


I met Patti working/practicing in the personal growth field about a year ago. Her name kept coming up; her cards were crossing my path, and her “post it” notes were on my desk. Then one day as I was writing on one of her post it notes I noticed that I was unconsciously dialing her number. A bit shocked, yet following my inner knowing, I let the phone ring until she answered. There was something I was not certain of and there was some inner knowing that Patti was going to be my guide in moving to the next level.

I was put into a foster home from the day I was born and adopted into a family when I was 1 month old. The greatest gift I could have received! However, in my life I had struggled with some bouts of anger and fear. These feelings were real, but in my conscious mind I had no real sense of reason for them. As I have grown I knew that I not only needed, but I wanted to know where those deep feelings came from. That is where the phone call came in. It was truly out of an inner knowing. Patti scheduled me efficiently and before a week’s time I was sitting on her couch and we were chatting and creating a strategic plan. I knew immediately that I was in good hands and whatever I needed to find she was the one to help.

In just a few sessions of working with Patti, I have moved away from the dark feelings of fear and anger into a place of calm inner peace. My heart has opened and I have learned to be comfortable with my feelings and I am now able to express my feelings more effectively without defense. I am now more vulnerable, which has built stronger relationships with my girlfriend, my parents and family, and has helped me tremendously in my life practice. I no longer have that lost feeling. I feel at one with myself and have accepted and allowed myself to be free of what was holding me back. Patti’s knowledge, techniques, and natural ability gave me a safe place to set myself free! I am soaring!

It was as if Patti helped me extract the seed that was growing a weed, we planted a new strong oak tree in its place, and she gave me the tools to nurture and help grow it.

Dr. Drew Neville

Higher Brain Living Facilitator, AWAKEN Higher Brain Living

I can’t say enough about Patti’s treatment for insomnia. Nearly everyone has stress or internal baggage that invades restorative sleep. I had my doubts and anxieties about what treatment would be like but the calming, gentle, techniques Patti utilizes are beneficial beyond words. I highly recommend Patricia Lawn’s services; she is an extremely gifted therapist.

Sherrie Palm

APOPS Founder/President, Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support Inc.

How I met Patti Lawn and Quit Smoking after doing it for 58 years:

I met Patti at The Linden Grove Nursing Home when my wife’s 96 year old mother was admitted after surgery. Patti was helping employees of Linden Grove to quit smoking. My wife Maria asked if I could join in a session. Patti said certainly. Everyone joked about smoking and told stories of how many times they tried to quit and failed. The people were serious about wanting to quit smoking but were doubtful for themselves. We talked and Patti talked for about 1 hour and then went onto HYPNOSIS for about 45 minutes to an hour. Thought I was awake all the time but guess I wasn’t. Drove home, no thought or feeling of smoking at all. I always smoke when getting into my car. Next day I went and purchased $5.00 worth of sugar free candy to help if I got the urge to smoke. This is why I decided I better quit – I have been pushing my luck. Get this picture . . . 1 pack a day times 365 days a year for 58 years. That’s 21,170 packs I purchased (you do the cost figures). 20 cigarettes in each pack: 423,400 cigarettes and (get this) 10 puffs per cigarette for a grand total of 4,234,000 puffs. Scary isn’t it – that’s pushing your luck. You would have to be nuts to keep smoking after you do the numbers. At least try and keep trying till you win – and you will. I told my friend Horst – if you have to go twice a year to keep trying to quit – pay whatever it costs – it is a hell of a lot cheaper than buying cigarettes and you will be getting better at beating the odds of not getting lung cancer. My 41 years old son-in-law, JOHN – lost. He worked in the woods – outside – lots of fresh air – Northern Wisconsin. Died of Lung Cancer from Smoking. The choice is always yours. If you think you can or you think you can’t – You’re Right. Since March of last year when I started to quit – I would have smoked 490 packs and 20 cigarettes in each pack or 9,800 cigarettes. In the last 16 months think I only smoked about 10 packs or 200 cigarettes because I went to Patti’s office on 2 more occasions for a little reinforcement when I was getting a little urge to start again. Cost a less than buying cigarettes. From 9,800 cigarettes to 200 is quite an accomplishment for me. Patti, Maria thanks you, I thank you – my kids thank you. Remember . . . If you can talk, if you can walk, if you can see, if you can hear, if you are Not in a wheelchair – Never, Ever complain, Never. It is so easy you would have to be nuts NOT to give it a try. Talk to Patti.

Truman D. Strong

Greenfield, Wisconsin

Undergoing hypnotherapy by Patti Lawn was an amazing and enlightening experience. I had significant sleeping issues and after only one session with her, I was sleeping solidly thereafter. Patti is a true professional and I felt safe with her throughout the entire session. I’ve recommended Patti to numerous colleagues, friends and family.

Annette Schmocker, MS

Performance Excellence Coordinator at UW Cancer Center, ProHealth Care

Dear Patti,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and care of me these past years. Without you I would still be stuck, and fearful of life itself. The very first time we worked together I felt safe with you, more to the point my inner children felt safe. You helped me create a wonderful home and family for them and I am eternally grateful for that. We went to scary places together to rescue them and brought them home to the light. They love you, I love you and we all thank you for all you have done for us. You’ve helped us heal and cry and scream when we found the truth of our life. Little by little we came out of hiding because you were there to take care of us. We knew you would keep us safe and help us heal. For the first time in our lives we can let in the light and know that we can keep each other safe from the dark. We honor you and are forever in your debt. You walked in the dark with us where others would not go, never denying what we saw, what we experienced or remembered. Your love and acceptance of us when we couldn’t love or accept ourselves has healed our bodies, our minds and our hearts. I think we are almost home where we can come together as one once more. Thank you Patti. We love you.

Tina and the gang!

To others who haven’t found an answer yet,

In recommendation of the hypnosis services of Patricia Lawn:

I am over 50 years old and have had a weight problem for over 40 years of that time. I’ve lost weight on my own, with prepackaged food program diets and with point system diets. The older I’ve gotten the sharper I’ve bounced back to my old weight and eating patterns, only worse. It had gotten to the point that I was afraid to “deprive” on a diet for fear of the long term result. I was stiff, swollen, sad, and conflicted, wondering what other people knew about eating that I couldn’t understand. I was wondering why I would be putting food in my mouth that I knew that I didn’t want to eat. What was wrong with me?

Then I got a call from a friend who happened to mention her hypnosis experience and weight loss. She told me about Patricia Lawn. I held that information for months, wondering if this would be some ridiculous idea. But I finally made contact; that was the beginning.

Within this process I became able to separate hunger for food from hunger for comfort. My entire body finally became part of my decision making process when it comes to food and exercise. I found a way to have everything I want, but to want the things that make me feel healthy instead of stiff, swollen, sad, and conflicted. I have had everything I wanted and done everything I wanted, but in listening to my entire body, I want to move, eat healthy and fuel my body instead of stuffing my compulsions.

I have lost weight, more than I could have expected. And I exercise every day without once needing to force myself into it. Instead I listen to my body and do what makes me feel happy and well. I can’t imagine ever giving up the comfort that this gives me. During this process I find each day getting better than the last.

I want to share this information to encourage anyone who thinks that their appetites have less to do with hunger than with filling another need to try hypnosis. The day I began this process became the first day of the rest of a much happier life.


Waukesha, Wisconsin

It was my good fortune to find and begin working with Patti Lawn about 3 years ago. It was a time in my life when I had tried and lost the same 30 pounds repeatedly. Again I was overweight, my blood pressure was elevated and yet I felt hungry most of the time. I simply could not again face restricted dieting.

At our first session, Patti patiently listened as I described (in detail) the many things that I did not want to do to lose weight. Then Patti began my education of the role our minds play in this whole process. She started me on a new journey where I learned to eat in tune with my body, not to fight it (or try to fool it).

Initially, my husband was highly skeptical of this process and hypnosis. However, as he saw me get consistently healthier (and happier), his opinion changed. He asked if I thought that Patti might be able to help him with some stress issues he had. He began seeing Patti and was significantly impressed. Patti also had a very positive effect and benefit on his life.

I also wanted to note that my grandson (now 10 years old) has had challenges falling asleep over the years. About a year ago, we gave him Patti’s sleep CD and it helped him a lot. Now, part of his bedtime routine is listening to ‘the lady’.

Patti is a truly dedicated professional. We feel privileged to have benefitted from her expertise.

Julie and Gerry

Pewaukee, Wisconsin